product visualization

product visualization

product visualization

product visualization

Thanks to its extraordinary flexibility, three-dimensional product visualization offers considerable advantages when it comes to developing and marketing products. That is why this technique is used in a variety of different sectors. With 3D visualization, creating costly prototypes and models is a thing of the past. The same holds true for producing live-action films and taking product photos in a studio environment.


reducing costs

As a result, 3D visualization not only allows you to reduce production costs considerably, it also saves you a lot of time. We at loomilux focus on three different types of images: photorealistic detail views, technical illustrations and beauty shots. During the design process, materials as well as the product´s geometry can be changed in any way possible. Altering the way the image is illuminated and creating virtual showrooms is just another example of what can be done.


design flexibility

This great amount of flexibility allows us meet the ever growing demand for personalized image content and the illustration of complex technical issues. So there is virtually no limit to what you can do with the 3D data we create.


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