architectural visualization

architectural visualization

architectural visualization

architectural visualization

As far as architectural visualization is concerned loomilux offers services that suit a variety of different needs.


architectural competitions

Besides providing renderings for architectural and building projects, we also help architects and engineers create imagery with the right appeal for submission in architectural and design competitions.

When producing images for architecture or industrial design, we strongly draw on the know-how that we have acquired in our professional architectural career. For us, 3D visualization is about turning the vision of the architect or designer into an image whose interplay of light, materials and detailedness creates an impressive and emotionally appealing atmosphere. Depending on the purpose of the image, we will therefore focus on different aspects.


investment vs. competition

Renderings for architectural purposes are generally characterized by their clarity and by the use of photorealistic materials. Imagery for use in competitions, in contrast, relies more on appealing illumination and a certain degree of abstraction. With this in mind, loomilux will create the best image for your needs.


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